The pressure means the total force a unit area can bear. Pressure=Force/Area is the formula what everyone knows, the unit of pressure value will be P= N/m² ,P=kgf/cm² or P=lbf/in² etc. if the unit of pressure also marked, then the value can represent a ratio.

When the unit of the force is kgs or N(Newton),  we can obviously obtain the conclusion base on the formula that the unit is different between the ratio of the force on the specific surface area and the ratio of area itself (N/m² or kgf/cm²). Therefore, we can know base on the unit that the pressure we often say is not a physical force.

By definition, the values of the pressure itself will be inversely promotional to the contacting area when the total force is constant, which means the same total force on the contacting surface with the smaller contacting area will bring greater pressure to the contacting object. This is also the reason why being stepped on by the same girl in high heels is more painful than flat shoes.
Through the above explanation, we can totally understand that the pressure resistance of large diameter valves and large diameter adaptors is lower than the products with small diameter.

It’s worth to mention that JPE is committed to high-precision production and achieve a higher precision processing to withstand the severe working conditions on site and constant challenges of high temperature and high pressure. The smaller the contacting area between the fluid medium and the seal, the higher the pressure resistance. Invisibly, the product quality is improved with the high reliability and safety.

For common gases or liquids in the industry, the fluid pressure, speed, density, temperature, volume and other variable factors are related to each other in a closed or open fluid environment. Generally, the fluid pressure in closed pipeline is related to dynamics, if the fluid move directionally, the complex molecular activities such as the frictional force cause by bombardment or the accumulation of its own gravity will occur. This is the source of total force we see commonly. Therefore, exploring and discussing the actual state of the pressure in the pipeline is not a simple thing. With the simulation software and professional machinery the professional engineers use, JPE can provide professional consultation and solutions for customers.

Pressure is one of the important parameters that often need to be referenced in industrial production and scientific research. Whether it is a solid or fluid medium, pressure both refers to the average force per unit area after the calculation, it’s not the force. Therefore, this can also explain the results of the original formula and clarify the confusing views of the public. Managing well the force and pressure is a very important and critical task for Joe who focusing on the fluid industry. Pressure has brought high-quality products and has become the biggest boost for JPE’s continuous improvement.



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