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JPE Fittings provide a leak-proof, torque-free seal at all tube connections to ensure the safety on the instrumentation, process and control systems and eliminate costly, hazardous leaks in instrumentation and process tube.

JPE Fittings are easily installed with no special tools required. All the action in the fitting assembling moves along the tube axially instead of with a rotary motion. Therefore, during installation, there will be no torque to the tube system; and the initial tension in tube system can be also eased. Total system design must assure the safety, trouble-free performance, material compatibility, adequate ratings, proper installation and inspected by gap gauge to assure tighten completely in first installation. Operation and maintenance are the responsibilities of the system designer and user.

To assure reliable performance, JPE Fittings are composed of four precision-made components:Nut, Back Ferrule, Front Ferrule and Body. The consistency and quality of these matched components has permitted their use in many difficult and severe devices. In addition, JPE Nuts are silver plated and easy to install with minimum torque. Each product carved with size and tracing code.

JPE Fittings follow and comply the standard of ASTM F1387. During the testing, the products are going under stringent force and tough environment for repetitively assembly and disassembly in order to ensure perfect quality and performance. ...Read more

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