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Air Distribution Manifolds

JPE Air Distribution Manifolds are designed and manufactured with the high-quality and reliable components from JPE. Additional instrumentations are available, including pressure gauges or proportional relief valves etc.. By customizing products and high efficiency, it can meet client’s applications and needs.

Material of SS316L and SS304 are available. Main pipeline material complies with ASTM A312. JPE Air Distribution Manifolds are argon gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW/TIG), FKM and PTFE packing as standard, and Graphite packing as option. 100% functional test and closure test with nitrogen at 110% of the working pressure.

JPE Air Distribution Manifolds are made of compliant pipeline material and passed inspection and test to obtain safety, accessibility and maintainability. According to clients ‘requirements, JPE is capable of tailoring the suitable solution for the air distribution. ...Read more

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