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JPE Product Spotlight | Medium Pressure Fittings Overview and Installation Instructions

JPE specializes in the production of valves and tube fittings. Our medium pressure series products are manufactured according to product standards, using high-quality materials and advanced precision machining technology, along with comprehensive quality control capabilities, to produce high-quality and highly reliable products.


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JPE Brand Activity | Exciting New Collaboration

JPE look forward to achieving greater success for our customers and creating more significant commercial value together through the timely delivery of sampling system solutions!


Company Activity

JPE Brand Event | Prioritizing Public Welfare and Emphasizing Sustainability

The JPE team has long been committed to sustainability issues and actively practices public welfare in daily life.Team leaders led by example, guiding JPE employees and their families to actively support environmental protection activities through practical actions.


Featured Products

JPE Product Spotlight | Applications and Advantages of VMS Product Series

The JPE VMS (Vacuum Metal Seal) metal gasket sealing fitting series, known for its reliable raw materials and outstanding design, is tailored to meet the high specifications for industries with stringent requirements for space and purity.


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JPE Industry Insights | Report on Japan's Hydrogen Energy Market Dynamics

Japan has been a leading pioneer in the field of hydrogen energy. With robust support from national policies and advanced industry technologies, Japan's hydrogen energy industry has developed a relatively comprehensive system.



JPE Brand Event | Mission Accomplished at Tokyo Smart Energy Week H2&FC EXPO

There is a continued increase in attention towards renewable energy issues. For JPE, committed to ongoing research and development to address evolving trends, this exhibition served as a crucial platform for engaging with new energy industry partners and demonstrated the brand's dedication to product innovation.


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JPE | Message from General Manager

Looking back on the busy year, which also marks the 40th anniversary of JPE's establishment, I would like to express my gratitude for everyone's unwavering cooperation, ensuring the successful completion of various tasks and infusing renewed vitality into our long-standing enterprise.


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JPE | 2024 Closure Notice

JPE | 2024 Closure Notice


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JPE Expert Insights | Overlooked Details in Instrumentation Tubing Installation

Leakage in tubing is not only influenced by the quality of the product but also by improper tubing and installation. While JPE pursues high-quality products, we also pay attention to consumer concerns regarding tubing and installation issues.


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JPE Brand Event | Successful Wrap-up of CIOAE 2023

With the theme "Efficient, High-Quality, Low Consumption, Safe, and Environmentally Friendly," the conference delved into cutting-edge technology and expertise in the field of online analytical instruments.

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