JPE Newsletter|An Innovative R&D Team Advance with the Times



The innovative R&D team is one of the main forces driving the evolution and growth of the brand. This special article is going to introduce JPE R&D Center in order to make users better understand the brand strength and backup of JPE.

This team is the core of JPE product and process development in the past 40 years, and composed of many experts who are well educated and trained. It includes the experts of industrial engineering, who concentrate on the management of quality engineering; engineers with mechanical engineering background, who specialize in the research and development of stainless steel materials; the professionals of mechanism design and computer graphics to complete various products. Besides, there are still the members specialize in electromechanical automatic control for different aspects to complete the difficult tasks together.

Members of JPE Innovation and R&D center are full of qualifications, more than 60% of the professionals have a master’s degree or above. The company puts huge effort into talent nurturing in order to completely implement the product professional knowledge and technology in applications. The professional technology, the engineering integration, the complete education background and the work experience of members maintain a high level of development for research and development quality.

A Wide Range of Professional Design and Manufacturing

he main job of JPE R&D team includes the design and development of valves and accessories for instrument systems, focusing on the manufacturing and processing of stainless steel field. Besides, we dedicate to designing the convenient and safe high pressure valve series and components to ensure the better use experience and product reliability for users; In terms of factory management, the design of electromechanical integration and the automatic production line make product quality more stable. Besides, we also focus on the professional training of instrument systems to make the members of entire supply chain having more complete professional knowledge and creating a more efficient installation and testing in order to achieve a more smooth, safe and reliable operation.

The most well-equipped hardware and software facilities to produce the highest class products.

JPE R&D team not only own excellent performance in product development and innovation,but also select the latest software to assist product development and use the computer software to assist manufacturing in order to achieve the highest efficiency of precision innovation and manufacturing at the same time. Meanwhile, in addition to the general testing equipment, the R&D team also uses use the more special equipment for testing to ensure that all customers can be served at a hight-quality level. The key test equipment such as:

In order to provide perfect products and complete customers’ task, JPE R&D team uses professional software and equipment to ensure the results of hight-quality in the process of manufacturing and production.

Performance Review

JPE R&D team have reached many outstanding achievement through the collaboration of company elites and given out a beautiful result which include product innovation, existing product optimization and a number of new product patens:

Keep improving and looking forward to the future

JPE is going to launch he latest series of instrument tube fittings and built up the measurement laboratory for precisely measuring the flow of valve, so that the product quality can be monitored more effectively and accurately. In addition, we will keep optimizing and improving the product, raising the installation efficiency and reliability in order to simplify the operation process. Moreover, JPE will continue to hold the training for end-users, system builders and installers, instrumentation pipeline designers and product application developers etc. Through the various forms of training, to make sure all members from manufacturing to end-user can fully understand the product information and obtain complete protection.

The reason why JPE can work with world-renowned companies, provide excellent products and services all thanks for the collaboration and integration of each department. With the newest software, hardware and various professional testing equipments, from raw material checking to terminal environment evaluation, we comprehensively consider and design the most suitable product and finally implement it in the application.