JPE Brand Event | Process Instrumentation and Pipeline Safety Seminar


Company Activity

The "Process Instrumentation and Pipeline Safety Seminar," jointly organized by JPE Yuanhengxingye and National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology, was held with great fanfare at the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center on May 19th. The seminar centered its discussions on the longstanding safety concerns within the industry, attracting a diverse array of participants including esteemed clientele and technological innovators from various sectors. Approximately a hundred individuals engaged in this prestigious professional event, which facilitated vibrant exchanges among industry experts, seasoned users, R&D teams, and representatives from relevant upstream and downstream supply chains.

Prior to the commencement of the conference, Mr. Tu, the esteemed General Manager of JPE and the event's host, delivered an inaugural keynote address, effectively inaugurating the day's proceedings. One of the co-organizers, Yokogawa Taiwan, chose the theme of "Risk and the Significance of Monitoring in Process Pipelines" for their in-depth exploration. They meticulously elucidated the importance and methodologies associated with process pipelines, culminating in a comprehensive presentation of the practical application and benefits of DTSX Solutions.

Subsequently, Taiwan Mainland Corporation, another co-organizer, spearheaded the second phase of knowledge sharing, focusing primarily on the topic of "Applications of High-Temperature Infrared." Their detailed expositions revolved around the utilization of "High-Temperature Catalyst Bath Thermocouples," delving into both theoretical underpinnings and practical implementation considerations.

Lastly, Mr. Zhuang, the Manager from JPE's esteemed Research and Development division, delivered an engaging speech on the subject of "Risk Factors in Instrumentation Pipelines." In addition to exploring accurate assessment techniques for card couplings, he illustrated preventive measures through a detailed analysis centered on ASTM F1387. His comprehensive demonstration adeptly highlighted potential operational errors that may arise within pipelines and product environments, fostering highly detailed discussions and exchanges among the proficient audience members.

The role of being the host of a professional forum has consistently symbolized a benchmark within the industry. In this instance, JPE's ability to assume the role of host successfully congregated numerous pioneering individuals from the industry, promoting collective discourse on both on-site experiences and innovative developments. Undoubtedly, this extraordinary industry summit served as an exceptional platform. Moving forward, JPE remains steadfast in its commitment to foster industry-wide collaboration and innovation, forging alliances with industry leaders to perpetuate ongoing exchanges, enabling the JPE team to continually refine their skills and knowledge base.