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The New Generation of Metering Valve

In the second half of 2020, JPE launched the new metering valve in order to meet the demand of users, which provides one more choice to adjust flow accurately. JPE R&D team concentrates on the development of competitive products to bring greater convenience and choice to customers, especially in analysis, instrumentation and research application field.

Features of JPE Metering Valve
  • 1
    High DurabilityJPE metering valve chooses ASTM A276/479 S316L as the body material to provide the durable and reliable product.
  • 2
    Accurate Adjustment With the accurate stem taper and 1.4mm orifice, it can be adjusted accurately according to the requirements to control the flow more precisely.
  • 3
    Blow-Out Proof DesignThe blow-out proof design substantially reduces the risk of stem or components blowing out while system pressure increases unusually and improves the system reliability.
  • 4
    Shut-Off FunctionWith additional shut-off function which make easier for user to set up the pipeline.
  • 5
    Variety of Packing MaterialDifferent packing material like FKM, FFKM, NBR and EPDM etc. are available according to the working condition.
  • 6
    Variety of End-Connection TypeEnd-connection sizes are available for 1/8”, 3/16”, 1/4”, 3mm, 4mm, 6mm.
JPE Temperature-Pressure Curve Diagram
Construction and Function Diagram of JPE Metering Valve
Ordering Information of JPE Metering Valve

Looking forward to the new year, JPE is going to launch more new products. JPE team, who is good at R&D and patent development, is not only working hard on product innovation, but also constantly updating original products for a better user experience and application effectiveness. Meanwhile, we’ve also developed more new products to join our product line. It’s an important indicator of team progress and stay ahead. We also looking forward to more product feedbacks from users to assist our R&D team to become better. Thought the year 2021 are full of challenges, JPE team still believe that it will be a phenomenal year.